All 3D Filament Brands

Below is a master list of filament brands and general information about them. We have provided our evaluation of these brands as well as our recommendation about whether to buy them or not.

This list will be updated continuously so check back often for updates.

Buy?Brand NamePriceLocationDescriptionProsConsReviewBuy Now
Yes2PrintBetaLow-mediumGermanySmall-medium sized company, general filament, 3D printers and accessoriesHighly rated, Good tolerance, enthusiastic customer supportLimited color range
No3D Dynamix Ltd.HighUKSmall one person company, general filamentSells by wieght and by the meterPossibly innactive, overpriced, limited color range and materials, poor quality website
Yes3D FuelHighUSA (Fargo, ND), IrelandEco-friendly, specialty filamentsHigh strength PLA, 5lb spoolsPrice/quality (can find lower price for similar quality)Check On Amazon
No3D Maker WorldHighUSA3d printers, general and specialty filaments, accessoriesFilament reseller for top brands, interesting specialty filamentsOverpriced, high shipping fees
No3D Printer StuffHighUSASmall company, general filamentSimple e-commerce siteOverpriced, no return policy
Maybe3D PrintlifeHighUSA (Los Angeles)Eco-friendly, specialty filamentsPartnership with XYZprinting, good spool and packagingPrice/quality (can find lower price for similar quality), limited range of materials, filament origin unknownCheck On Amazon
Yes3D SolutechMediumUSA (Seattle)General filament sellerHighly rated on Amazon, Good price for the quality, good spool designProbably sourced from China even though claims to be USA sourcedRead MoreCheck On Amazon
Yes3D SystemsHighUSA (Rock Hill, SC)Founded 1986, 2015 Valuation = $666 millionIndustry leader, High quality, reliable, owns MakerbotNot focussed on filament, overpriced, closed-sourceCheck On Amazon
Maybe3D-Printer-Filaments.comMediumUSASmall supplier, general filamentConsistent availability, good range of colorsHigher prices, only PLA and ABS, unknown source
N/A3D2PRINTN/AGermany, Denmark to WorldwideInnactive/closed
No3DistributedMediumUK (London)Small supplier, general filament and printer accessories, 3D printer servicesOK pricesExtremely limited color range, Small range of materials
No3DKarmaN/AUKWebsite being updated
Yes3DMaker.vnHighVietnam3D printers and accessories providerFull 3D printer and accessories supplier, good quality, good websiteHigh priced
Yes3DomHighUS (ND)Venture by 3d-fuel, 3d dom USAHigh strength, PLA, 5lbs spools, good range of materials and colorsSimilar filament quality can be found for lower prices
Yes3DPrinterGearMedium-HighAustraliaFull 3D printers and accessories providerGood color range, good range of materials, high end filament supplier
Yes3R3DTMN/ASpainFilament manufacturer, bulk orders, private-label, product developmentPre-brand filament manufacturer, Natureworks plastics, discounts for distributors, diameter tolerance is +/- 0.02mmPoor website quality, only bulk orders for distributors
MaybeA2APrinterMedium-HighCanadaE-commerce store, owned by A2AWeb Solutions Inc. webdesign company, 3D printers, parts, and accessoriesSells 3D printers, filaments, parts, and accessoriesOverpriced
MaybeActifil 3DN/AFranceMade by CapifilGood range of materials and colorsUnable to buy filament on website
YesAdafruitHighUSA (NYC)Open source hardware, microcontrollers, DIY, 2014 revenue = $33MHigh quality, large range, reliableNot focussed on filament
YesAfiniaHighUSA3D printers, specialty and general filament distributor, Owned by Microboards Technology, LLC.Good quality, good range of materials, 20 years of polymer manufacturing experienceLimited color range, High price
MaybeAlchementLow-MediumChinaGeneral and specialty filamentsWide range of specialty filamentsSometimes inconsistent qualityRead MoreCheck On Amazon
YesAlgix-3DHighUSA (MS),Eco-friendly, general and specialtyAlgae and other innovative specialty filamentsPrice/quality (can find lower price for similar quality)Check On Amazon
YesAmphilogicLow-MediumUKFounded 2004, filaments distributed on quality, good price, good range of colors and materials
MaybeAnycubicLowAmazon onlyDelta 3D printer supplierCheap, OK quality filamentNot focussed on filament, limited range of materials and colorsCheck On Amazon
NoASAPTechN/AN/AInnactiveCheck On Amazon
YesAtomicMedium-HighUSA (Los Angeles)General filament producerIndustry leading tolerances, High qualityLimited (but expanding) range of materialsCheck On Amazon
MaybeBCNdynamics / BoloberryLow-MediumSpainGeneral filament supplier, BarcelonaCheap, good color range, good range of materialsSource of materials is unclear, possibly chinese import
N/ABits From BytesN/AUKAcquired by 3DSystems in 2010
YesBlack Magic 3DHighUSA (NY)Specialty filament manufacturerHigh quality specialty filaments, graphene conductive filamentHigh price and limited range of colorsRead MoreCheck On Amazon
YesBnkMedium-HighKoreaAntimicrobial Filament manufacturerhigh quality antimicrobial filamentsPrice varies by reseller
YesBootsIndustriesLowCanada3D printer and general filaments supplier, Kickstarted in 2013, Acquired by Graphene 3D labs in 2014Good quality for the priceLimited color range, limited range of materials
N/ABotMillN/AUSAAcquired by 3DSystems in 2011
N/ABrightCN (esunPLA)N/AChinaeSUN owned website
NoBuy 3D InkMedium-HighUSAGeneral filament and resin supplier, simple ecommerce websiteUnknownLimited range of colors and materials, Unknown source of plastic, Not enough information to recommend purchasing
NoCD-writer.comHighUKGeneral filament and 3d printer supplierGood color range and range of materialsOverpriced, quality doesn't match the high prices
YesCharlie's 3D TechnologiesLowBelgium (BEL)Small company, General and specialty filamentsGood color range and range of materials, ships worldwide, Low price, personal touchUnknown source of filament, Not focussed only on filament
NoCitizen Scientific WorkshopHighUnknownSmall ecommerce site, possibly innactiveGood color range, good customer serviceOverpriced, poor range of materials
YesColorFabbHighNetherlandsIndustry leading general filament manufacturerConsidered the by some to be the best filament brandHigh priceRead MoreCheck On Amazon
NoCool ComponentsHighUK (London)Electronics supplier, also sells 3d printers and 3d filamentExtremely poor range of colors and materials, Overpriced
NoCutequeenLowChinaAmazon onlyLow priceTerrible quality, limited color range, bad tolerancesRead MoreCheck On Amazon
YesCycloid SystemMedium-HighIndia (Bangalore)Brand is, general filament supplier, Good range of colors and materialsSomewhat overpriced
Yesczechreprap.euHighCzech (EU)3rd party General filament and electronics suppliersupplies Makerbot and Autec filament, Good range of colors, sells 10 meter samples of filamentsNot focussed on filament, limited range of materials
YesDas FilamentLowDEGeneral filament supplierGood range of colors, large spools and small samplesLimited range of materials
YesDiamond Age Solutions Ltd.Medium-HighNZSmall general filament supplier, Close ties to the RepRap communityGood range of colors and materials, bulk discounts, locally produced in NZNo specialty filaments
MaybeDockwellLowUSAgeneral filamentsLow price, OK quality, easy to print with Small spool hole, OK tolerancesRead MoreCheck On Amazon
MaybeDremelMediumUSApower tool manufacturerOK quality, highly rated on AmazonSmall spool hole, overpriced, poor color rangeCheck On Amazon
YesE3DMediumUK3D printer parts and accessoriesGood quality, easy to print withLimited color range,
N/AEasysolidN/ASpain (Barcelona)Innactive
NoEckerTech Inc.LowCanadaGeneral electronics supplierMostly ABS filament, supplies larger spools ~5lbscardboard spools, limited range of materials and colors
NoElephant TechnologyN/AN/AInnactive (Amazon brand)Check On Amazon
YeseMotion TechMedium-HighFranceGeneral and specialty filament and 3d printer supplierGood range of materials and colors, sells samples for less than 5 EurosHigh price
YesEnvision TecN/ADESLE and other printers, printer materials and servicesHigh end 3D printer supplier, wide range of custom printers and materials
YesEOSN/AUSALarge DMLS 3D printer manufacturer, founded in 1989Wide range of printers, materials, and services
YesESUNLowChina, worldwideGeneral and specialty filament manufacturer; buy through a 3rd party distributerVery good quality, low price, widely availablequality varies from one 3rd party resellers to the nextRead MoreCheck On Amazon
Yesfabberworld.comMediumSwitzerlandGeneral 3d printer and filament supplierGood range of materials, Good quality for the price, supplier of Lay filaments
YesFaberdasheryHighUKPremium PLA filaments only, close ties to the reprap projectVery high quality, wide color range, sells by the meterOnly sells PLARead MoreCheck On Amazon
N/AFabrications Of The MindN/AUKInnactive
N/AfdplasticsN/AN/AColor concentrate supplier
MaybeFELIXprinters.comMedium-highNetherlands3d printer and printer materials supplierGood range of materials and specialty colorsPrice doesn't always correlate with quality of filament
YesFilabotLowUS (VT)Eco-friendly, small, manufactures filament and home extrudersHigh quality, bargain bin discounts, stronger grade PLA, cheap ABS Limited color rangeRead MoreCheck On Amazon
N/AFilament FactoryN/AN/AInnactiveCheck On Amazon
YesFilament InnovationsHighUS (PA)Small, open-source, specialty filamentsHigh quality, good tolerance, 40% metal fill, 20% Carbon fiber fillLimited range of materials, Check On Amazon
MaybeFilament OutletLow-mediumUSAmazon only, small orders and bulk ordersCheap, good tolerancesLimited color range, OK qualityRead MoreCheck On Amazon
YesFilamentiveMedium-highUKEco-friendly, general and specialty filamentsHigh quality, good tolerance and roundness, good range of materials, cheap recycled PLALimited color range
N/AFilamentPrint Ltd.N/AUKWebsite redirects to Amphilogic website
YesFilaments.caLow-mediumCAManufacturer and distributor, general and specialty filamentsHigh quality, wide selection of materials and colorsSome items sold out while transitioning to a larger warehouse to meet growing demand
MaybeFilamentshopMedium-HighIrelandGeneral filament supplier, sells filament per 100g coilsGood quality, good ranged of colors and materialsPossibly overpriced, No spools, filament sold as coils
MaybeFilamexLowMXOwned by Zip Tech, general filamentsCheap, OK qualitySome overpriced spools, OK tolerances, sometimes unavailableRead MoreCheck On Amazon
MaybeFillamentumMedium-HighCZOwned by Parzlich, a Czech plastics company; Great tolerance, high quality, good range of colors and materialsInternational shipping fees can be highCheck On Amazon
MaybeFlashForgeLow (Amazon), Medium-High on websiteUSLarge 3D printer manufacturer, general and specialty filamentsGood quality, OK range of colorsOverpriced on website, not focussed only on filamentCheck On Amazon
MaybeFolgerTechExtremely lowUS (NH)Small company, general filament supplierExtremely low prices, good color rangeLimited range of materials, price/quality ratio unknownCheck On Amazon
YesFormFuturaLow-MediumNetherlandsFilament manufacturer, supplierHigh quality, wide selection of materials and colors, good tolerances, good sales and dealsCheck On Amazon
YesFormlabsHighUSA (MA)Founded 2011, MIT Media Lab, raised $3 Million on Kickstarter and $35 Million in 2016, close ties to [email protected]Sells high quality resin, premier SLE printer companyNo filament or pelletsCheck On Amazon
MaybeFullerexN/AUKNano-materials consulting, working with filamentprint UK on graphene filaments
YesFunctionalizeHighUSSmall scale, specialty conductive filament manufacturerGood quality, personal touchLimited material range
N/AFuture is 3D, TheN/AUSAInnactive
N/AGADGETS3D.comN/AEU (PL)Innactive
MaybeGeeetechHighCH (Shenzhen)Chinese 3d printing company, sells general filamentsGood quality filamentsLimited range of materials, possibly overpricedCheck On Amazon
MaybeGerman RepRap FoundationMedium-HighDEGerman filament distributorGood quality filaments, good customer service, good range of materialsHigher priced filaments might be overpriced for the quality
YesGizmo DorksMediumUSA (CA)Medium sized filament distributorFantastic customer service, good quality, hundreds of positive reviews on websiteCheaper imported filament, probably from ChinaRead MoreCheck On Amazon
MaybeGP3DMediumCH, EU, USAOwned by Green Project inc., general 3d printing company, filament distributerPLA, ABS, Flex, OK range of colorsLimited range of materialsCheck On Amazon
YesHATCHBOXLow-MediumUSAGeneral filament supplier, imports filament from chinaOne of the most popular brands, fantastic tolerances, great quality for the price, good color range and range of materials, hundreds of positive reviews on AmazonRead MoreCheck On Amazon
MaybeHICTOPHighCH (Shenzhen)3D printer and 3D printer filament company, run by HIC TechnologyGood range of colors and materialsHigh price, unconfirmed qualityCheck On Amazon
MaybeHobbyKingLow-MediumHK, worldwideMedium sized eSUN filament distributoreSUN filaments, international distributionNot a filament manufacturer, quality unconfirmedCheck On Amazon
YesIC3DMediumUSA (Ohio)Medium sized filament distributorGreat quality ABS filamentPoor color range for PLACheck On Amazon
MaybeiEagleLow-MediumUSAAmazon only filament brandOK quality, probably imported from ChinaPoor spool labeling, price not always commensurate with qualityCheck On Amazon
YesiGo3DLow-MediumDE, EUEcommerce website, 3D printer and filament resellerWide range of high end brands of filament, good prices
Maybeimprimante3DFrance.comHighFrance3D printer and filament reseller, ecommerceSupplies a wide range of high quality filament brands, materials, colors, and specialty filamentsEcommerce filament reseller only
YesInaxpo, INX3DPRINTLowEU (ES)General filament supplierSimple local filament supplierLimited materials and colors
YesInlandLowUSAGeneral eSUN brand, sold by MicrocenterLow price, wide color rangeOK quality, gets the job done but not spectacularRead MoreCheck On Amazon
YesInnofil3DMedium-HighUSAGeneral and specialty filament supplierHigh quality, wide range of colors and materialsSlightly overpricedCheck On Amazon
YesInventablesMediumUSA (Chicago)3D carvers, materials for carvingInnovative 3D carversNot 3d printing
N/AJamboN/AUSAInnactiveCheck On Amazon
NoJetLowUSAGeneral filament supplierLow pricesVery shady looking businessRead MoreCheck On Amazon
MaybeJustPLAMediumUSAGeneral filament supplierGood color and material range, Natureworks plasticNo about page, possibly overpriced
MaybeKBell EnterprisesMediumMissouri, USAGeneral filament supplier, sold on ebayGood prices, OK qualitySometimes inconsistent quality, overpriced

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