Best 3D Pen Filament

If you are looking for the best 3D pen filament, you’ve come to the right place. As you probably already know, 3D pens are one of the coolest new gadgets to come out of the 3D printer industry in the last few years. They let you literally draw 3D designs in the air. Kids love them and they make great christmas and birthday gifts.



3D pens work similarly to a hot glue gun. The main difference is that 3D pens melt plastic instead of glue. But the concept is nearly identical: the pen melts plastic that comes out of the nozzle just like ink. The plastic immediately cools, forming a 3D line.

3D pens use both ABS and PLA filaments, although there are many types of filament for 3D pens. You could theoretically use any type of 3D filament with 3D pens. But probably the most popular filament to draw with is PLA because it has a low melt temperature and is super cheap.

ABS is also very popular, and your 3d drawings will be a bit stronger if you use it. The main thing to keep in mind with ABS is that its melt temperature is higher than PLA, at around 230ºC, so the 3D pen temperature is going to be super hot. Also, unlike PLA, the fumes that ABS produces can be irritating sometimes. If you are buying filament for a child, PLA is a good nontoxic plastic for 3D pens.



Best 3d Pen Filament




JoyCrafty 3D Pen Filament



Joycrafty sells an amazing 3D pen filament pack. You get 280 feet of filament samples, 14 different colors, and 4 glow in the dark colors. The colors are all super bright and customers report that they last a long time compared to other 3D pen filaments.

That already makes it one of the best packages out there, but on top of that, you get a free ebook with 175 fun stencils. The best part of all is the price. The whole package is also more than 50% cheaper than some of the other packages on this list.

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Sketch Pro


Sketch Pro 3D Pen Filament



The Sketch Pro is a set of 20 different colors of 3D pen filament. These filaments are made of Non-toxic PLA so you don’t have to worry about plastic fumes making your child sick.

The pack contains 25 feet of each color, so there is more than enough of each color for your kid to have hours of fun with. Also each color is individually bagged, so you don’t have to open all of them at the same time. That helps to preserve their quality, and makes this Sketch Pro 3D pen plastic package one of the best packages for the money.


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Hatchbox 3D Pen Filament(4/5)


Hatchbox already has a reputation for its excellent 3D printer filament, and they continue that tradition of excellence with their 3D pen filament variety pack. It comes with 12 bright colors and 20 feet of each color, which is more than you might expect.

The best part of the pack is it’s price, which is very cheap. And if your child loves their 3D pen like other kids out there, they are going to be using a lot of filament. The Hatchbox 3D pen filament pack an affordable choice so you can make sure that your child always has the filament he or she wants.


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7Tech 3D Pen Filament


The 7Tech 3D pen filament pack comes with two sets of 12 ABS colors for a total of 480 feet of filament. While that’s not a huge color range, it will definitely be enough to keep you kids busy for a long time. But the best thing about this filament pack is that comes with a bunch of extra items that improve your 3D drawing experience.

  • Extra One: Glow In The Dark  filament included
  • Extra Two: An Aluminum Spatula to avoid burnt fingers while using the 3D printing pen
  • Extra Three: A certified Silicon Mat to protect your table
  • Extra Four: A classic Carrying Pouch for easier carry out of all your 3d drawing pen items


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3D Artist Supply


3D Artist Supply



This filament is pack one of the most highly rated 3D pen filament packs and customers love it. It comes with 12 colors plus a bonus glow in the dark filament and a free 50 stencil ebook that your kids can use to make art. Most people report that their kids go through these refills super quickly because of how much fun they are to use, so you might want to consider buying at least two.

The other nice thing about this filament is that it comes with Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. So if you aren’t happy with your purchase for whatever reason, you can contact them any time for a full refund. That is a nice feature that other brands don’t offer.


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D.U.A Brand


D.U.A 3D Pen Filament



Last but not least, the D.U.A brand 3D filament pack for 3D pens is one of the largest sets of 3D pen filaments available anywhere. This pack is perfect for anyone who is looking to make more complicated designs with a wider range of colors than other pen filament sample packs.

It comes with a 852 feet of filament, which is about twice as much filament as any other pack. There are also 28 unique colors in this pack, which is probably the widest selection of filament on Amazon. So if you are an artist or if you just like to draw, this pack will give you a lot to work with.

It is also one of the most highly reviewed filament packs on Amazon, with dozens of positive customer reviews. If you want a lot of colors and lot filament, this is definitely the right set of 3D pen filaments for you.



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Eachway Drawing Surface


Eachway Drawing Surface



Because they get really hot, 3D pens can damage table surfaces if you aren’t careful. As a result, it’s a good idea to pick up a protective sheet to use as a surface to draw on. We recommend using a heat resistant silicone mat to keep your tables safe from burn marks or discolorations.

Eachway makes a popular mat for hobbyists and that is perfect for this task. While it designed for working with electronics, it is exactly the kind of material and size you will need in order to protect your furniture while your children have fun.


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Last Word


There are tons of options for 3D pen filaments. Each sample pack is slightly different so it’s good to consider a few before you buy one. The best 3D pen filament packs come with several extras, like stencil ebooks and glow in the dark colors.

Also, you might want to consider picking up a few packs a time so that your kids don’t run out anytime soon. After all, if they love their 3D pens and are using them constantly, they are going run out of filament pretty quickly.

Hopefully one of the above brands fits your needs, but there are many other packs on Amazon to choose from. Take a look and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy drawing!g

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