Where To Buy Filament Online – Best 3D Printer Filament Marketplaces Online

Where do you go when you want to buy 3D printer filament? For most people the answer is Amazon or Ebay. But if you are looking for a marketplace for filament and 3D printing related products specifically, it might not hurt to look around a little. Amazon has the widest selection: check out 3D filaments on Amazon, but other sites have more information and a personalized touch.

Here are the best 3D printer filament marketplaces online for all of your printing needs. We focussed on the top marketplaces according to popularity, but there are bound to be more out there that are worth checking out. Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite online marketplace for filament is.


Where To Buy Filament Online – The Best 3D Printer Filament Marketplaces Online


MatterHackers Filament Marketplace

MatterHackers is the best filament marketplace online, and probably the best 3D printing marketplace after Amazon. MatterHackers is devoted to sourcing the best filaments and 3D printers in the world. This is your one stop shop for the best brands of filament and every type of filament you can imagine. From ColorFabb and Ulitmaker to Nylon X Carbon Fiber filament, they have it all.

Plus, MatterHackers has helpful articles that explain every aspect of 3D printing to you. You can even pick up parts and accessories for most common printer brands to improve your printer or replace broken parts.


Global FSD Filament Marketplace

Global FSD (3D Filament Sample Depot) provides samples of many specialty filaments and exotic filaments from top filament brands. You can buy a sample of around 50 unique types of specialty filaments so you can try them before you commit to an entire spool.

You can choose between two sample lengths, 5 meters and 10 meters. The filament samples usually cost $7 or less for non-functional filaments and around $15 for more exotic and functional filaments. That is super cheap considering that a spools of some specialty filaments like ferromagnetic PLA and Conductive Graphene often sell for over $50 per spool.

Global FSD also sells samples of some of the top brands in the world, like ColorFabb, LayFilaments, and Proto-pasta. That means you can try out 5 or 10 of the best brands and find the one you like. Doing this without using Global FSD would cost hundreds of dollars.


Printed Solid Filament Marketplace

Printed Solid is run by Matthew Gorton and provides a fantastic range of super high quality filament from the best brands in the business. Chief among these is ColorFabb, but Printed Solid also sells Taulman, Ninjaflex, and Proto-pasta. Matt is a super nice guy and if you have any questions he is always happy to help.

The Printed Solid website is well designed and easy to use. There are also some sweet deals under the ‘bundles’ tab. Here you will find groupings of products that are commonly ordered together. Instead of having to navigate through the site to find each item one by one, you can simply buy the bundle and get a discount in the process.

Printed Solid also sells parts and printers in addition to filament. You can even take classes or order custom prints from their services page. Or if you are near Newark, Delaware, you can stop by their showroom and say hello.



Filaments.ca is both a manufacturer and a filament distributor. They make their own in house brand of filament. But they are also the exclusive Canadian distributor of many well known filament brands, such as  Form Futura and ColorFabb. You can get cheaper filaments from their in house but also try out exotic filaments from UK and US brands.

Even though it is a Canadian company, they distribute to the US. For all orders totally over $200, you will also get free shipping (all orders over $125 during the holidays). There is also an education discount for students and educational institutions.

One of the nice things about filaments.ca is that you can purchase filaments by the reel or pick up samples for around $4 each. That way you can try out a small amount of a few different materials. They also sell a 12 spool variety pack that contains a bunch of different specialty filaments. It costs just under $200, which puts the per spool cost at around $16. Not bad eh?


Final Thoughts On Filament Marketplaces

Probably the best way to go about buying filament these days is to simply check one these top rated filament marketplaces for deals and sales. They often have really good deals on top filament brands around the holidays. Printed Solid also sells gift cards that you can give to family or friends for their birthday or on holidays.

We will keep you updated on other filament marketplaces that might be worth checking out. Of course you will have to visit Amazon to see largest selection of filaments online. But for a more personal touch and a curated buying experience, you can’t go wrong the 3D filament marketplaces on this list. Leave us a comment and tell us what you bought from them!

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