Cheapest 3D Filaments: Where To Find Good Quality Cheap Filament

When we say cheap filament, we usually mean filaments that cost $15 and under. Some of the cheapest 3D filaments on this list only cost $5. And the best part is that the quality of these low cost filaments is high enough that you won’t be wasting your money when you buy them.

In a rush? Check Inland out on Amazon.

The cheapest 3D printer filament is not usually the kind of filament you want to buy. Cheap filament has a stigma about it. A few years ago, most cheap filaments were such low quality that you couldn’t even use them. While that is still true for the most part, there are some better options these days. A few companies have caught on to customer demand for cheap, usable filament.

Below is a list of the cheapest 3D filaments that are also good quality. We’ve also included a list of places to find discounts on major brands and samples of specialty filaments. That way, even if you have a limited budget, you can still find something you like.



Cheapest 3D filament


Filabot – Bargain Bin




The Filabot Bargain Bin is one of the best places to find cheap filament on the internet. The bargain bin contains filament that is perfectly fine for printing, but Filabot can’t sell with its regular line of filaments because the color is off or the type of PLA is outdated. For instance, when Filabot recently upgraded their PLA from 4043D grade to 3D850 grade from Natureworks. All of the unsold 4043D grade PLA spools went straight into the bargain bin even though there was nothing wrong with them.

The best thing about the bargain bin is the prices. You can find rolls of filament there for less than half of what you would regularly pay per spool. That’s a crazy good deal. The offerings aren’t super consistent though, so make sure to check back often. Click here to visit the bargain bin now.



Atomic Filament – Clearance Section





Atomic filament has clearance section that is similar in purpose to Filabot’s bargain bin. Filaments in the clearance section are marked down in price for different reasons. Sometimes the filaments have minor defects or are simply overstocked.

The prices aren’t bottom of the barrel cheap, but they are still pretty good. And we are including them in this list because they are cheap for the quality. You can find premium, high quality atomic filaments for more than half off in the clearance secton. Considering that many Atomic filaments sell for double that, it’s a good deal. Check out the Atomic clearance section now.



MakerGeeks – Cheap Filament





MakerGeeks sells reclaimed filament made out of waste plastic from the MakerGeeks manufacturing plant in Springfield, MO. Every filament manufacturer produces some waste, so MakerGeeks has decided to make filament out it anyway instead of sending to the landfill. They will also plant one tree for every spool purchased. So you are helping the environment by planting a tree and buying recycled filament.

The only thing about this filament is that we can’t vouch for its quality. All we can say is that MakerGeeks generally sells good quality filaments, and where there are problems, it makes up for them with excellent customer service and a personal touch from the owner. So if this reclaimed filament is anything like MakerGeeks other filaments, you will probably have a good time with it. Check it out now.








Inland is Microcenter’s brand of eSUN filament. Just a little background: eSUN is a large chinese manufacturer of 3d printer filament. eSUN supplies some of the biggest brands in the world as well as a seemingly endless number of smaller resellers. However, eSUN produces filament to exact specifications of each reseller, and not every reseller can afford the highest quality filament.

Inland is good quality eSUN filament at low prices. For super low prices when you buy it at most Microcenter store locations, Inland offers a competitive price-to-quality ratio. The quality is almost as good as value brands like Hatchbox and SainSmart even though those brands usually cost a lot more. For almost half the price, Inland offers nearly the same thing. You can find these spools in stores or Check out Inland on Amazon now. 


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FlashForge sells 0.6 kg ABS spools for dirt cheap prices on Amazon. You won’t find that deal anywhere on FlashForge’s websites though. That’s an Amazon only deal. And considering that a regular 1kg spool of FlashForge ABS sells for more than most mid-range filaments on their website, a 10% for 0.6 kg is worth checking into.

FlashForge sells good quality filament in general, and the FlashForge Creator Pro is one of the highest rated 3D Printers on This is definitely a good source of cheap ABS filament.


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ProtoParadigm, an Oregon based filament manufacturer, has a pretty good deal on their website: $5 filament for 200g spool. This isn’t a discount though. Most 1 kg spools cost around $21, so $5 for 200 grams is actually a bit of a price increase when calculated by net weight.

So why is this a good deal? It’s not a good deal if you are only looking for regular PLA. If that’s what you are looking for, try the ProtoParadigm PLA filament pack where you can get 6 200g PLA colors for $27.

But if you are looking for specialty colors and materials for cheap, ProtoParadigm $5 filament page has a few. You can find several high impact PLA and ABS filaments, as well as several specialty colors. You can even find conductive filament for $5 there. Check it out here.





Sometimes all you want is to pick up a few samples of interesting filaments. Here is a list of places you can find filament samples. The best of all of these sources is the Global FSD. Check it out.


globalfsdlogocompleteGlobal FSD (Filament Sample Depot) is a marketplace for filament samples. You can find samples of many of the most cutting edge specialty filaments hereClick here to visit Global FSD
pFsvxt7AColorFabb sells samples of it's high end filaments so that you can experience the high quality they offer without committing to an entire spool.Click here to check out Colorfabb samples
Das-Filament-Logo537e10e136b8bDas Filament is a German filament supplier that offers samples through its websiteClick here to check out Das Filament samples
d64fff4dd80613655052cea1979ad7dc_400x400eMotion Tech is the France reprap project's filament supplier. You can find a few samples of specialty filaments on their websiteClick here to check out eMotion Tech samples



Support Material



(4.5/5) works well and it’s cheap. If you are looking for the cheapest support material on the internet, check out PVA from You can pick up a 10m spool of PVA from them for a few dollars on Amazon. That is the perfect amount of PVA since it tends to absorb moisture quickly, and an entire 1kg roll can go bad before you can use all of it.

The other good thing about this PVA is that it tends to stick slightly better to ABS than other PVA filaments, although we recommend HIPS filaments if supports are needed for ABS prints. This PVA is also a bit easier to work with than other PVAs and requires less trial and error to find the right settings.


Check On Amazon



Final Word


If we had to choose only one source for cheap filament from this list, we would definitely choose the Global FSD. They offer samples of the best specialty filaments in the world, which you can try for as little as $2. That’s an incredible deal. Plus their selection is so large that it will keep you occupied for a long time.


If you find other sources of cheap filament that you think we should include in our list, leave a comment below and we will check it out.  There are definitely other places to find cheap filament that’s still good enough quality to print with. As we find more sources, we will update this article. But for now, hopefully this list helps you find what your are looking for.

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