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Cheap ABS filaments are everywhere. All across the internet, from Ebay to Amazon, filament resellers are advertising ABS at rock bottom prices. The problem is that not all of them are usable. So we decided to put together this list of cheap, usable ABS filaments that you can try instead of taking a risk on a random Ebay reseller.

A good example is TechOrbits. It has the following characteristics:

  • Low price, bargain filament
  • Popular and well reviewed
  • Quality is OK, but hit or miss

In a rush? Check out Tech Orbits now.

In selecting filaments for this list we looked at overall price first before evaluating their quality and performance. Most of these filaments are OK in terms of performance and quality, but there is some variation from brand to brand in terms of surface finish and tolerance consistency. You might have to try a few to find the brand that works best for you.





Cheapest ABS filament


BPR Plastics




BPR Plastics is a Virginia based ABS filament producer and recycler. It is one of the most undervalued ABS filaments around. BPR plastics is one branch of BPR, but BPR also runs a logistics trucking service. It is a values driven filament producer and as a result, all of its ABS filaments are made from recycled plastic. Check out their website for more information on their values and other services.

Because BPR ABS filament is produced from recycled materials, it is super cheap. You will have a hard time finding a cheaper 100% USA made ABS filament. Also, the quality of this ABS is high considering that it made out of recycled materials. You will get fairly reliable results from this ABS filament even with only the occasional jam or failed print due to warping. At that price and quality, you will be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere else.


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Jet Filament




Disclaimer: This brand is only included in this list for lulz. We don’t recommend actually buying it at all.

Jet filaments is perhaps the shadiest filament brand we have ever seen for many reasons. Jet is such a weird brand of filament that it could even be a front for a smuggling operation across the Mexican border. Don’t believe us? In our full review, which you can find here, we break down in detail all the signs.

Despite this, they apparently sell one of the lowest priced spools of ABS filament on Amazon. Actually, the price is listed as a range from bottome of the barrel to thousands of dollars. That doesn’t make any sense, because who would ever pay thousands of dollars for a roll of filament? But maybe they are smuggling something that costs thousands of dollars.

Also, we say that they “apparently” sell the lowest priced spools because, while there is a price on the their Amazon listing, there is no way to add the filament to your cart. Check it out. That is super weird and only adds to our suspicions that something very fishy is going on with this company.


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Next up is Monoprice which sells 1 kg. spools of ABS filament at some of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen on Amazon. Now, you have to order at least a few spools. But they are cheap enough that you will get a few spools for the same amount of money you might spend on top brands.

Like most filaments, Monoprice ABS is the standard 1.75 mm diameter. But the main thing to keep in mind is that it only comes in one color: Crystal Clear, otherwise known as transparent.

Unsurprisingly, this ABS is way below average in terms of its quality and performance. It shrinks and warps a lot during printing so you will have to adjust your settings to be able print parts with the desired dimensions. The tolerances are also inconsistent and will jam your printer often. And if it doesn’t jam your printer due to oversized diameters, then it will jam your printer because it has trouble coming off the spool in an even way.


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Following closely on the heels of Monoprice, Smart Buy offers a 1 kg  PLA spool for around the same low price. Smart Buy is a large online e-commerce company for electronics of all kinds. That means that it doesn’t focus on filament or 3D printers, and so it is trying to compete on price.

The quality of this filament is low, but still usable. The best thing about it is the mediocre color range. You find a few nice colors of ABS, although it seems like only the purple and gold are listed for the lowest price.


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LexcentLexcent is Chinese filament brand sold only on Amazon by a seller called VODE. Lexcent sources cheap ABS spools that are comparable in quality to most other Chinese imported filaments.

This stuff is no frills, low cost ABS that only comes in a few colors. However, the box it comes in is very interesting, with a beautiful ship on the front, Chinese characters and a dragon figurehead. Not much is known about the exact quality or consistency of this ABS. But for such a low price, it could be worth trying out.


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Filament Outlet




Filament Outlet’s 1 kg spool of ABS is a decent source of cheap ABS filament. It is a cheap, basic black ABS with OK performance and sometimes inconsistent tolerances. Filament Outlet even lists the tolerance of this filament as +/-0.10mm which is well outside the normal range.

The surface finish on this filament is also more matte than on other ABS filaments, but this can be improved with post-processing. The low price makes up for some of the other drawbacks.  And in general, Filament Outlet is a good back up filament to have around for those times when your favorite brand isn’t available or suited for your current project. Read our full review of Filament Outlet here.


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Last but not least, TechOrbits offers a super cheap ABS filament that puts it solidly in the category of “bargain brand” filament. It is one of the most popular filaments on Amazon and has dozens of customer reviews, some negative and some positive. Due to the price and consistent availability, TechOrbits is definitely the go-to cheap ABS of choice for many 3D printer hobbyists.

Of course, as with many cheap ABS filaments, the quality of this filament is hit or miss. Some customers report no problems while other report finding this ABS to be nearly unusable. The truth is somewhere in the middle. So if you buy this filament, just keep in mind that you are taking a bit of a gamble.


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Final Thoughts

This is a list of the cheapest ABS filament brands regardless on quality or tolerances. In building this list, we only took the price into consideration. While we did include some notes about quality for each, there are many ABS filaments out there that are better quality but more expensive. We really did try to keep things on the cheaper side for this one.

We also stuck with filaments that are listed on Amazon for this article, but there are cheaper ABS filaments on Ebay and other ecommerce sites. We didn’t list them since they are very hard to evaluate and often don’t have a definitive brand name. But if you are interested in ABS filaments that even cheaper than the ones we listed here, make sure to shop around.

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