Cheapest PLA Filaments

These are the cheapest PLA filaments anywhere, as far as we know. In compiling this list, we ignored quality and other metrics like color range and overall business performance metrics like customer service and return policies. All we looked at was the price.

We also ignored samples, clearance sections, and most deals, since what we were really interested in was finding the consistently lowest price for a full 1kg spool of PLA out there. We paid close attention to several other factors to make sure these truly are the cheapest filaments:

  • Shipping costs, Amazon prime
  • Filament diameter
  • Source of filament

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Cheap PLA has a bad name because the quality of cheap filaments is often super low. That is definitely true for some of the filaments on this list. If you want to save money, you might have to sacrifice some quality. But we’ve tried to give you a little heads up about the filaments on this list with the worst quality. After all, there’s no point in buying filament if the tolerances are out of the acceptable range or the filaments have impurities that will clog up your extruder. Still, buyer beware. These are cheap, but they aren’t necessarily good quality.



Cheapest PLA Filaments


The best place to find cheap PLA filament is Amazon. Simply search for “pla filament” and then sort the result by “Price: Low to High”. (See these search results on Amazon) The cheapest PLA filaments will be samples and mostly $1 3D printer pen refills. But if you skip a few pages you will start to see rolls of 3D printer filaments. We started at the beginning on page 1 and search all of the first 100 pages of results.

The cheapest PLAs are 3.00 mm, not the more popular 1.75 mm diameter. They are also generally imported from China. Unlike cheap ABS, the quality of these PLAs are so low that some of them might not be usable. But we did include a few that we know are OK quality.



Novus Terra




At first glance, Novus Terra PLA filament looks like the cheapest filaments on this list. But if you look a bit closer, you will see that these filaments have huge shipping fees. Surprisingly, this means that these spools are actually some of the more expensive spools on this list. But they are still cheaper than the other PLAs in it’s price range because the filaments in this range only give free shipping for orders over $49.

As for quality, Novus Terra PLA looks pretty terrible. It has only one review and that review is very negative. The filament was brittle, snapped easily and was generally poor quality. The company also included a noted with the filament asking for the customer to leave a positive review online. While that sometimes works as a marketing scheme, this time it only annoyed the customer more. Overall, this brand is a typical low quality cheap filament. 


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Monoprice PLA is the cheapest PLA on Amazon that we’ve seen so far. And you can get free shipping with Amazon Prime. Interestingly, this particular spool is cheaper than the filaments on Monoprice’s own website. One thing to keep in mind though is that this PLA is 3.00 mm in diameter, not 1.75 mm. So you are going to have to adjust your settings and equipment to use it.

The quality of this filament is predictably low. Like other monoprice filaments, Monoprice PLA clogs often and has unreliable tolerances. It also sometimes has trouble sticking to the printer bed, so you may have to use an adhesive or special printer bed surface to print with it successfully. 


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Next up on the list is Century PLA filament, which also has free shipping with Amazon Prime. This spool is definitely a cheap import from China, and probably super low quality. We don’t know anything specific about it however, because it is an Amazon only seller and there are no customer reviews.

From the picture the spool hole looks nice and large, and that’s all that you are going to be able to find out before you try to print with it. One thing to keep in mind is that, like the Monoprice PLA filament above, this is a 3.00 mm diameter filament, so you will have to adjust for that if you buy it.


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3DOM has a PLA filament that looks like it could be the cheapest PLA made in the USA. It is a colorless, or natural color, PLA made from Ingeo PLA stock and purports to have a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.05 mm. That is not bad for a PLA this cheap.

It is a 3.00 mm diameter PLA so you will have to adjust for that. And the spool is a strange color. But otherwise it looks like an ok quality filament at a very good price. Just make sure you take advantage of Amazon Prime free shipping so that you don’t pay more than the list price.


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Final Thoughts


These are the cheapest PLA filaments for sale on Amazon. They are all 1 kg spools and none of them cost more than around $16. If you are willing to pay just a dollar or two more, we recommend buying Inland filaments, or any other eSUN brand of filament on AmazonThat way you can guarantee that the filament you get will be a certain level of quality. With the above PLAs on this list, you risk getting very low quality PLAs.

One other thing to keep in mind is that you might be able to find even cheaper spools on Ebay. For instance this listing claims to sell 1 kg spools of PLA filament for around $8 with free shipping. There are many other deals on Ebay like that. So make sure you shop around.

If you know of any other cheap filaments that are worth looking into regardless of their quality, leave a comment below and we will check it out. If it beats the prices we have in our list, we’ll would be happy to add it.

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