Cutequeen Filament Review: The Worst 3D Filament Ever

Cutequeen is a low-quality Chinese import filament brand on Amazon. The quality is so low that they aren’t worth trying out even once. Many customers have found nothing but frustration with Cutequeen filaments and often return the spools they buy after hours of struggling to print with them. Just do yourself a favor and stay away from Cutequeen.


There really isn’t much to say about this brand other than that you should avoid it at all costs. Cutequeen seems to be a cheap Chinese import filament. It has terrible quality control and many spools are often unusable. In fact, some spools are so far off the mark that users are often unsure what type of filament they are even printing with. For instance, many of the PLA plastics are probably actually ABS due to the fact that they print more like ABS than PLA. But the quality is so bad anyway that no one can really tell.

And even if you wanted to buy Cutequeen filaments, most of their line up of colors and types of filament are unavailable for purchase. The company has no stand-alone standalone website where you can buy their product and instead relies heavily on Amazon listings. But the Amazon product listings often include the note: “currently unavailable.”

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Unfortunately, many customers have already bought filament from Cutequeen. One or two Amazon listings even have over 40 customer reviews, many of which are negative. That’s really too bad. And to make matters worse, due to the fact that cutequeen has no customer service or return policy beyond what Amazon return policies offer, these customers are unlikely to get their money back.

Overall, this is a filament brand to avoid. Unless you are dead set on giving this brand a shot you are better off spending your money on Filabot, Octave, Inland / eSUN or Makergeeks if/when if you are looking for a good cheap filament. If you don’t mind spending a little over $20 you could even go for Hatchbox. If you do decide to buy a roll of Cutequeen filament you do so at your own risk.

Who Owns Cutequeen?

There is no information about who owns Cutequeen. Since Cutequeen is really just an Amazon Seller that sells many different types of products and not a standalone business, it is almost impossible to know who actually runs the brand. Cutequeen has no website and no social media accounts.

Where is Cutequeen 3D Filament From? Where Can I Buy Cutequeen?

Cutequeen is quite obviously important from a Chinese filament supplier. You can buy Cutequeen’s complete range of filaments on, although you can also find some Cutequeen filaments for sale on eBay as well.

The Filament: Price, Quality, and Color Range

Cutequeen is some of the most useless filaments you can buy. Yes the price is rock bottom, but the filament is such bad quality that you shouldn’t use it even if you got it for free. Cutequeen filaments will just waste your time.

The color range is severely limited and most colors are usually unavailable anyway. The tolerance varies wildly from the standard plus or minus 0.05 millimeter diameter range. And the spools are often mislabeled with the wrong type of filament. They say that you get what you pay for when it comes to cheap filaments. But with Cutequeen you can’t even be sure of that.


Cutequeen prices are actually pretty good. The cheapest roll of filament is around $13. Other rolls of regular PLA and ABS plastic are priced around $15 and $17 per spool. This is right in line with other similarly priced cheap filaments. On Amazon you can also expect to find some good deals such as ‘two for the price of one’ and special offers on accessories when you buy a spool.

That being said, due to the fact that filament from Cutequeen is some of the worst filament available today. You are probably better off saving your money and spending it elsewhere. The low prices don’t make up for the fact that the filaments are almost unusable.

Color Range

Cutequeen’s color range is small. Cutequeen offers around 12 regular colors and a handful of specialty colors, such as metallics and shades of blue and gray. However, its specialty filaments are usually unavailable for purchase. Overall, the color range is very lackluster.

QUICK NOTE: Many Cutequeen filaments don’t have the same color as the photos that are used in product listings on Amazon. When you order a red PLA from Cutequeen, expect it to be a slightly different color from what you are expecting. The reds are a little lighter, the blacks are not quite as deep, and the blues are not quite as dark as the photos in the product listings on Amazon.

Quality and Materials

Overall, Cutequeen is one of the worst cheap filaments available. The quality is so bad that sometimes it is impossible to even tell what type of filament you are printing with. For instance, the white PLA spool that is it the most popular filament from Cutequeen on Amazon may sometimes actually be ABS. You can tell because it prints at higher temperatures closer to 220 degrees.

Even when you can tell what type of filament you are printing with, the prints are so inconsistent in terms of tolerance and overall quality that they are almost unusable. Cutegueen filaments clog extruders and have tiny air bubbles that ruin the surface finish of printed objects.

Also, many of the filaments just will not stick to the printer bed. They have such bad warping that unless you use extra strength bed Adhesion materials you just won’t be able to get the piece to lay flat. Many colors are also unsatisfying, such as the black ABS, which is not very deep or, as some say, “saturated.” Tolerances are uneven and diameters are often beyond the acceptable range of plus or minus 0.5 millimeters.

Cutequeen filaments are just the bottom of the barrel. Don’t spend your money on them.

Packaging and Spool Design

Cutequeen is packaged well. It arrives in a cardboard box and inside the spool is shrink-wrapped with a desiccant included. The spool’s design is also pretty standard. The spool has a center hole of around to 2.2 inches and is made of a dark black plastic.

However the box and spool are often mislabeled and indicate a different filament from what you are actually given. Often boxes of ABS will be labeled as PLA and vice versa. So while the labeling itself is clean and informative with basic information, the information that is given is super unreliable. Many beginner 3D printers have struggled to figure out why their PLA wouldn’t actually print at the suggested temperatures. Only after much wasted time and effort did they realize that they were in fact dealing with ABS. All of this trouble occurs because the spools are mislabeled.

The Take-Away

The most important thing to know about Cutequeen filament is that you should probably stay away from it. Yes, the price is cheap and some of the filaments have good ratings, but don’t make the mistake of being fooled by those seemingly positive aspects of the brand. In reality, Cutequeen is one of the worst cheap Chinese filaments on Amazon. Save your money. Buy a roll of SainSmart or Hatchbox instead.

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