The Shadiest Filament Brand Ever: JET Filament Review

There isn’t much you need to know about JET filament other than to stay away from it. JET is one of the strangest filament brands we’ve ever seen. It might even be a front for a smuggling operation over the Mexican border. Read below for the full story.


This is a weird one. Get ready.

JET filament is registered to an address in Manhattan, New York City, and owned by Jet Lei. The filament is produced by in China and manufactured by America Instrument Inc. According to the website, America Instrument operates a factory in China with 20 production lines running 24/7 to meet demand. That is an unbelievable amount of filament production. ColorFabb, for instance, which is one of the top filament producers in the world, only has six filament production lines. 20 lines must mean that JET is massively popular.

But if they are selling so much filament, then why hasn’t anyone ever heard of them? Things just don’t add up. For one thing, JET filaments have very few reviews on Amazon. But for another, many of their products aren’t even available for sale. It doesn’t make sense. Why are there so few filament colors available if JET has 20 production lines?

Things get really interesting when you delve deeper into their website. First of all, when visiting, the logo is the America Instrument Inc. logo. But the company America Instrument Inc. does not seem to have a website of its own. Furthermore, the company claims to have a worldwide network of warehouses. At the same time, the company email address is a gmail account. Moreover, the company gives out a skype address, and the CEO is named Jet Lei. That’s right, like Jet Li, the actor.

To make things even more interesting, a recently added page on the website about problems shipping filament Mexico says the following:

“Today, I have a better suggestion for our customers.  You may obtain a free US mailing address with America-Ship directly. Once you have an US address, you can shop anywhere in the US and have your orders shipped.  America-ship will forward to you.”

Why the sudden use of first person? Who is “I” in this context? Why suggest that customers obtain a US mailing address in order to ship to Mexico?

Here are some of their products in case you are still intersted for some reason:

Attention: The internal data of table “20” is corrupted!

Things become even more interesting when you visit the America-Ship page, which is an obvious clone of the JET filament site. According to the website, America Ship provides free mailing addresses to international shoppers in Brownsville, Texas, so that people can buy their products inside the US and then have them shipped abroad at lower rates than larger retailers would otherwise offer. That’s the idea anyway.

Check out this video about how it works.

Everything about this is weird. This looks like a shady Texan cross-border export company straight out of Breaking Bad. They even say on the site

“No illegal contents by common-sense :).”

Why would they say that…why the smiley face…?

So to sum this all up, JET filament, which stands for Just Excellent Technology, is owned by someone named Jet Lei, a name suspiciously reminiscent of the actor. The company owns a factory in China with 20 production lines but only has a few products for sale. JET also uses a Texan cross-border shipping company with a suspiciously similar logo that cheerfully warns not to ship anything illegal to Mexico.

If you buy filament from this company, you might want to check those desiccant packets for some extra ingredients, if you know what I mean. And check out the blue filament. It might have some of that special Breaking Bad blue in it.

The Filament: Price, Quality, and Color Range

There isn’t too much to say about JET prices, quality and color range because most of their products aren’t even available for sale. But the filaments that are for sale are overpriced, low quality, and the color range is limited.


The prices of JET filaments vary from between around $20 to $30 per spool. But the prices don’t seem to correlate with quality or type of material. In fact, the quality is too low to justify these prices. The diameters are inconsistent, the colors are off, and the textures are rough. These filaments will clog your printer.

The color range is ok at around dozen to two dozen colors. But even here, there are better filament brands. For instance, Hatchbox has a better way color range and offers similar prices. And JET filament colors don’t even match up with the product descriptions. The filaments are often more translucent than advertised or not the shade of primary color you ordered.

The Take-Away

Overall this brand is just not worth bothering with. After a brief look at their website and product listings, you can see how weird this brand looks. This is a filament brand straight out of the TV show Breaking Bad. Feel free to check them out on Amazon for a laugh.

Other Filament Brands You Should Try Instead

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