Ordering 3D Filaments For The Weekend

Ordering 3D Filaments For The Weekend

It’s Tuesday or Wednesday, which means it’s time to buy more filament for your weekend projects. If you are looking for faster filament delivery, go to Amazon now. If you order now on Amazon, the filament will arrive on Thursday or Friday, right on time. The big question is:


$_57Do you know what you want to buy yet?


It’s a tricky question for many makers. Many projects require a little bit of planning and organization. And if you haven’t planned anything: what filament should you order in case you have a good idea for a weekend 3D printing project later in the week?

If you already know what you are going to print and what kinds of filament you need, then check out the sidebar for our top picks for PLA, ABS, Wood, and so on.


But if you don’t have a project in mind yet, here’s what you can do:


First, consider your budget:


How much are you willing to spend on filament for this weekend?


If you have a large budget, then you can either replenish your filament collection or stock some new filaments to play around with. Just keep in mind that you might not get to print with everything you buy this weekend, so it could be good to think long term when ordering: What might you need in a few weeks that you could order now?


If your budget is smaller, don’t worry. You can get decent cheap PLA and ABS filaments from Inland/eSun or Hatchbox. But you can still order some very cool filaments if you want to try something new. Here’s how:


We recommend taking a look at this awesome filament marketplace:


Global FSD: Filament Samples


globalfsdlogocompleteGlobal FSD stands for filament sample depot. It sells samples of expensive specialty filaments. This allows you to try a specialty filament out before committing to an entire spool. You can find almost any kind of specialty filament you can imagine on Global FSD. Most samples cost less than $15. So if you are on budget, check them out.


Global FSD shipping time might be slower than Amazon, though. In order to guarantee that you get some samples for the weekend, we recommend checking out the Monoprice sample pack, which sells 9 rolls of various types of filament (PLA, ABS, PVA, PETG, and Cleaning).


Here are some other ideas if you want to try something unusual this weekend:



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Of course, maybe you want to play it safe. If you buy a roll of PLA or ABS for the weekend, then you will definitely have something to work with.


If that’s the case, then simply head to Amazon and check out these top filaments. Anything you order from these brand will be good quality and satisfy most of your filament needs. But these filaments are particularly good:




Hatchbox is one of the best value filament brands around. Why? Because it has the best quality to price ratio. That means you will get very high quality filament for a surprisingly low price. But Hatchbox is also a good company in many other ways. Hatchbox spools are perfectly designed, the tolerances are nearly perfect, and they ship quickly using Amazon. For more information, Read our full review here.


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SainSmart is also a good value brand. Like Hatchbox and eSun, this is a Chinese import filament brand. But SainSmart also offers great quality for the price and has a vast range of colors. SainSmart is also a general supplier for hobby electronics and other DIY project parts. We also produced a full in-depth review of SainSmart filaments, which you can read here.


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eSUN is a classic cheap value filament that also offers good quality depending on which regional supplier you buy it from. Most suppliers will order high quality eSun filaments, but some go for the lower end stuff, so just makes sure you buy from a good distributer. We highly recommend Inland from Microcenter if you can get your hands on it. Read our full review here.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to order something now so that you can make use of the weekend. Sometimes orders take a few days to arrive, even with Amazon prime. So if you order tomorrow or the day after, your spool might not arrive in time to use it this weekend.


Check On Amazon


How to get filament immediately


So you’ve waited until Thursday or Friday to get filament. Or maybe your previous order never arrived. What do you do?


images_sf_MC_logoThankfully, Microcenter carries Inland brand eSUN filaments for around $15 per spool. They are fairly good quality and are very easy to print with. You can read our full review here. Just head over to your nearest Microcenter and pick up a spool.


Other places to look for filament are Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Kmart, and hardware and hobby shops. Unfortunately, many companies like Home Depot, Lowes Walmart, Kmart mostly sell filament online and rarely carry it in store. Smaller hardware and hobby shops are unlikely to have filament since demand tends to be lower.


Overnight 3D Filament Shipping


If you have to order filament online, then your options are much narrower. MatterHackers is a filament marketplace with many high end and specialty filaments that ships overnight. But their filaments tend to be on the more expensive side, and with shipping costs, the price can be very high.


Here are a few other filament companies that offer fast overnight shipping. We haven’t tested their claims, so order at your own risk:




logo-1This is a Canadian company, but they also ship to the US. They sell most kinds of popular filaments and ship with Canada Post, UPS and FedEx. The cutoff for placing orders for overnight shipping from their Ontario warehouse is 3:00 PM (Eastern Time).




logo-2Filastruder offers overnight shipping of filament orders that are placed by 2PM EST from Monday to Friday. While they have a more limited selection, they do carry Taulman filaments. Filastruder also has some good deals on their website, such as free shipping for all orders over $100.


Quantum 3D


quantum3d_pla_filament_3d_printingQuantum 3D offers overnight shipping for all orders placed by 12:30PM ET. This company claims to be in the same category of high-end PLA filament brands like Faberdashery with extremely accurate tolerances. Quantum offers a good range of colors as well as value packs and samples


We hope some one of these options works out and you are able to get filament in time. There are definitely other brands of filament that offer overnight shipping. But these brands might be your best bet for getting filament in a pinch.




We hope this guide helped you think through your options. Purchasing filament before the weekend is very important so that you have what you need. It doesn’t always work out though, so if you are in a tight spot, hopefully the options above help.

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