Top 3D Print Removal Tools

Remove 3D prints from build platform3D Print removal tools are super helpful for removing printed objects that are stuck to your printer bed. Without them, you will have to pry the print off with your bare hands, which can damage the printed object and the printer bed. That’s no fun.

Most print removal spatulas are similar. They all have a study handle made of hard plastic or wood and a metal blade. But there are key differences to consider, such as the width of the blade and sturdiness of the handle.

Our favorite print removal spatula is the Gizmo Dorks 3D Print Removal Tool. Here’s why we like it so much:

  • Offset blade so you can get a good angle under the print
  • 5-inches long and useful for larger prints
  • Wooden handle with study grip
  • Flexible blade for leverage

It’s also just a well-made tool in general and very cheap. Like other printer removal tools, it is not a must have, but the Gizmo Dorks tool will make your 3D printing life a lot easier.

Below is a list of other print removal tools that are worth checking out. They are all worth the few extra dollars and make a good addition to your filament order.



Top 3D Print Removal Tools


Gizmo Dorks 3D Print Removal Tool, 5-inch

Gizmo Dorks 3D Print Removal Tool, 5-inch



The best feature of the Gizmo Dorks print removal tool is the offset blade. An offset blade is a blade that has a bend in it instead of coming straight out of the handle.

That allows your to put the blade flat against the printer bed without the handle getting in the way. That makes it a lot easier to get underneath the print and pry it off.

The handle is made of a strong hard wood and has ridges so that you can grip it well. The blade is also flexible but strong so that you can get leverage under the print. Just be careful not to scratch or damage the printer bed by applying too much force to the blade.

At 5 inches long, the blade on this print removal tool is ideal for removing large prints. For smaller prints, the longer flexible blade will work well.  It might be a bit harder to get enough force under small prints that are stuck hard to the bed. Other tools below might be better for using with smaller prints.

Gizmo Dorks Print Removal Tool_2

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ToyBuilder Labs Printer Removal Tool

(5/5)ToyBuilder Labs Printer Removal Tool


The ToyBuilder 3D print removal tool is easily the cheapest and most popular print removal tool around. Hundreds of people have given it 5 stars on Amazon, so if you are looking for a low cost reliable tool, this is the one for you.

The blade on this tool is sharp and thin. That makes it easy to slip under the edge of a stubborn print and pop it off of the build plate. Make sure you don’t use an angle that is too steep or you will damage the printer bed with this sharp blade.

This tool is ideal for kids to use, with parent’s discretion. Just make sure you are gentle with it – it isn’t a tool that you should use to pry a print off of the bed. Instead, simply slide it under a corner or lip of the print and the entire object will pop off of the bed.

It is also one of the cheapest tools available, and it has the best price/quality ratio of the tools one this list. It is well worth the few extra dollars.


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Foreasy 3D Print Removal Tool Set


Foreasy 3D Print Removal Tool Set
This set of 2 print removal spatulas solves the problem that other tools have: smaller prints are sometimes harder to remove with longer blades. With this set of one long blade and one shorter blade, you have options.

If you used glue or any other adhesive, chances are the print will be welded onto the bed. The smaller of the two tools is very useful for applying some force to detach a stubborn print off of the print surface.

Many people start with the smaller blade to lift an edge off of the printer bed and the slide the larger blade in underneath the rest of the print. The blades are sharp but if you want them to be thinner and sharper, you can easily sharpen them yourself.

The smaller blade is especially useful when it is sharp. It can get in under the lip of a print much more easily than the longer blade.

The shorter tool is also especially good for removing PETG prints since the other longer blades on this list are prone to bending and twisting. Same goes for ABS that is glued onto the print bed. The longer blades may bend under pressure. But the shorter blade in this set will have no problems.


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BuildTak Spatula

(5/5)BuildTak Spatula


The vertical handle on this print removal spatula may look strange, but it makes print removal very easy. The blade can get right up against the build plate, making it super easy to slip under the print. Unlike other tools with horizontal handles, your knuckles won’t scrape against the printer bed.

The extra wide blade is also a major help because the extra surface area can detach more of the print from the bed with one movement. That means you can get more use out of the tool with each push of the blade.

The only downside to this tool is that it isn’t very sharp, although most people don’t seem to have an issue with this. If you want a sharper edge, you can easily shave one side of the blade down with a file or other rough surface.

Another solution is to purchase the short Foreasy print removal tool and use it’s sharper edge to get under the edge of a print. Then you can detach the rest with the BuildTak Spatula.


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Final Word


You might not think you need a print removal tool like those in this article. But as soon as you use one, you will realize how much they improve your 3D printing experience. None of these tools are expensive.

If you haven’t already bought one, just add one to your next purchase and give it a try. You won’t regret spending an extra few dollars for the benefit you will get from it.



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