Top 4 Food and Candy Printing Services


The 3D food printer industry is super hot right now. There are tons of 3D food printer services to choose from. Customized 3D printed food and candies can add flare to special occasions. You can buy a kit to convert your regular FDM 3D printer into a candy making machine to make candy yourself, but if you want to make a lot of candy or specialized food shapes, you might better off ordering in bulk.

Here are 4 great food printer services that can help. First up, a traveling candy store and candy printer service: The Magic Candy Factory.


Top 4 Food and Candy printing services


Katjes Magic Candy Factory

mcf_dylans_uslaunch_16-1024x682The Magic Candy Factory printers use fruit gum to make gummy candies in just about any shape you can think of. You can place an order on their website and the designs will be mailed straight to your door. The Magic Candy Factory specializes in large parties and events, like weddings and corporate events. But you can also order for you and your family or friends.

The candies are really good. The options they offer are almost endless. You can order almost any flavor you can think of in any color and even coated in several types of sugar. They taste great and are super gummy!

Katjes Magic Candy Factory ships worldwide and is expanding quickly, so check the website to see if the company is in your country. The Magic Candy Factory has also partnered with the famous candy store Dylan’s Candy Bar. Dylan’s Candy Bar one of the largest candy store companies in the US, with stores in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Feel free to place your order through the Dylan’s Candy Bar website or in stores when you visit.



3dchef-lemon-meringue-banner_orig3DChef is a Dutch food printing service that specializes in printing branded sugar cubes for restaurants and businesses, as well as other 3D printed food. Imagine sitting down in a coffee shop and being served a coffee with a few animal shaped sugar cubes or sugar cubes with the coffee shop’s name on them. Cool right? 3DChef can make them for you.

3DChef also prints customized chocolates and food molds. If you want to do something romantic for your loved one, print their name in chocolate! If you are hosting a corporate gathering, offer chocolates in the shape of the company logo.


Print Cheese

printcheese_logoPrint Cheese is another Dutch company making international waves in the 3D food printing industry. Owned and operated by a woman and her family on a dairy farm in the Netherlands, Print Cheese offers customized cheese creations from artisan cheese producers. You can order any kind of cheesey design and eat them immediately after they are printed.

For now, Print Cheese products are only available in the Netherlands. But hopefully the go global soon! Who wouldn’t want to print their very own leaning tower of cheese-a!


Choc Edge

choc-edgeThis UK based company sells a cutting edge chocolate printer for homes and small businesses, but also offers event hosting services for corporate gatherings and weddings. If you are looking for a way to impress your guests, the Choc Edge team can help you do that by creating customized chocolate treats for them to eat. You can even order personalized luxury chocolates that the Choc Edge team will help you design.


Final Thoughts

As the food printing revolution continues to expand the number of ways you can make your food, new services will continue to pop up around the world. Check back here for updates about the latest food printing services in your area. Until then, take a look at these top 4 innovative food printing services. Customized snacks always taste better!

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