The Top 5 Best ABS Filament Brands

Printing with ABS is significantly more complicated than printing with PLA and other materials. It takes skill and patience, especially the first few times, and the last thing you want to worry about is bad filament. As a result, it is important to buy from the best ABS filament brands available.

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We have put together a quick list of the top 5 best ABS filaments from some of the top filament brands in the world. If the piece you are making is important, these are definitely the brands to use. All four are high quality, strong, and have great tolerances.

But the best thing about these brands is that some of them cost less than $35. Let’s start with the lowest priced premium quality ABS filament you can buy: Push Plastic.

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The Top 5 Best ABS Filament Brands


Push Plastic ABS Filament



Push Plastic ABS is super underrated, but it is truly one of the best ABS filament brands around. Based in Arkansas, the company is run by two plastics industry veterans with over 20 years of experience, so they really know their stuff.

Push Plastic ABS filaments are strong and the diameters are very consistent. They are also really easy to print with, although they sometimes require a slightly higher melt temperature than other ABS filaments. Try starting out with a print temperature of 220ºC and adjust from there.

The best part about Push Plastic is the price. Their ABS filaments sell for 30% less than other premium brands. Most other high quality filaments cost an arm and a leg. Not Push Plastic ABS, and that makes it a really good deal. Plus if you visit their website, you might get a seasonal deal or free shipping. You can read more about that in our full Push Plastic review.


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IC3D ABS Filament



IC3D ABS filaments are easily some of the highest rated ABS filaments on Amazon. They have hundreds of positive reviews. That is pretty impressive, especially for a filament manufacturer from Ohio that makes all of their own filament in-house.

One key to their success has been keeping their business model lean and supporting a wide community of makers, from students to professionals. But the most important reason IC3D’s filament is on this list is its quality.

The ABS filament that IC3D makes is one of the best ABS filaments simply because it is easy to work with and nearly flawless on most metrics:

  • It has fantastic layer bonding no matter what speed you are printing at.
  • This ABS also has exceptional diameters.
  • It also means the IC3D ABS filament almost never clogs.
  • The surface finish is nice and glossy

But the best thing about IC3D is the price. You can purchase a spool of IC3D ABS for 20% less than many other premium brands. That is an absolute steal for the level of quality you get with these ABS filaments. IC3D doesn’t have a stand-alone e-commerce store, so head over to Amazon to check them out for yourself.


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Ultimaker ABS Filament



Ultimaker is a high-end Dutch filament brand that makes fantastic ABS. You can make just about any functional part you can think of with this stuff. Ultimaker ABS has particularly good layer bonding and very low warping. As a result, this brand of ABS is super easy to print with. And it responds really well to post processing in an acetone vapor bath.

You can rely on Ultimaker ABS filaments for printing functional parts that require high durability. Ultimaker ABS has been used to make high impact parts for skateboards and props for action movie sets. The quality of this ABS is high enough that many small businesses rely on it for all of their local manufacturing needs.

Of course, with high quality comes a high price. A roll of Ultimaker ABS costs around double what a regular spool of ABS costs, and thats not even including shipping.

You can avoid an overseas shipping fees by buying through Amazon or Ultimaker resellers in the US, such as MatterHackers, and Dynamism. If you buy through one of the resellers, you will also get completely free shipping. Read more in our complete Ultimaker brand review.


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MakerBot ABS Filament


Makerbot ABS Filament is one of the best ABS filaments around simply because MakerBot is such a massive force in the 3D printing world that it has the resources to invest in top-notch manufacturing practices. In fact, MakerBot filaments are generally some of the best filaments in the world.

The best thing about MakerBot ABS, besides the fact that they print super easily and prints come out beautifully, is the fact that the diameters are very consistent. The tolerances for MakerBot ABS are almost always under the +/- 0.05 mm. range, and usually there is no discernable variation in diameter at all. This means that with MakerBot you will almost never have clogs or jams.

You can purchase most spools of MakerBot ABS for double what you would pay for a regular PLA. You can find deals on 10 packs of MakerBot ABS on the MakerBot website under Special Offers. Also check out Amazon for MakerBot filament deals. Read more about MakerBot here.


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Hatchbox ABS Filament



While Hatchbox ABS filaments are not priced like premium brands, they are such good quality that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference is you compared them. True, they are imported from China. And yes, these ABS filaments might have some extra additives in them to make them extra glossy. But the only effect this has on the your printing experience will be that you might have to print at higher temperatures than with other ABS.

The main reason we included Hatchbox in this list, however, is the price. At around the same price as Hatchbox PLA, you really can’t beat the price of Hatchbox ABS filaments. It is some of the best value for money filament out there. The quality is definitely high enough that Hatchbox could charge a bit more if they wanted to.

For instance, Hatchbox ABS has absolutely no tolerance issues, with a maximum varience of +/- 0.01 mm. That’s right. An ABS filament that sells for the same price as PLA has basically perfect diameters. Plus, the colors are great, the layer bonding is solid and the warping is minimal. What more could you want?

If you want to see what others think of Hatchbox ABS, head over to Amazon and check out the hundreds of positive customer reviews. Hatchbox ABS is some of the most highly rated filament in the world. Combined with such a low price, Hatchbox ABS is probably the best filament offer on the internet. You can read the complete review of Hatchbox here.


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Final Thoughts

These brands are the top 5 best ABS filament brands for good reasons. They all have fantastic print qualities, superb tolerances, and are relatively easy to work with. They are what you might call “low hassle” ABS filaments. You can also use each of these brands for functional pieces since they are all very strong. And some of them, like Push Plastic and Hatchbox, are super cheap compared to other premium ABS filaments. Check prices on Amazon

If you are looking for more information about these brands, check out the individual brand reviews. Otherwise you can find all of these filaments for sale on And let us know in the comments which brand you like the most, or if you prefer a different brand than the ones we talked about in this list.

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